H2M IT Director, Ray Sirois, published in NEWEA Journal

Sirois (2015)In 2009, the New England Water Environment Association Journal (NEWEA) published its first article on climate change adaptation, written by H2M’s IT Director, Ray Sirois (who joined H2M in August of 2015). As we know, much has happened since 2009 with our climate and environment.

Fast forward to 2015, and yet again Ray Sirois is published in the NEWEA Journal writing about climate change, including major events that have occurred since 2009, and how we must protect our natural and built environments from these changes. Read it here!


H2M Important update: New NYS Mold Law effective January 1, 2016


As one of H2M’s valued clients, we would like to keep you up to date with any changes in the industry or new regulations.  As of this year, Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law Article 32 of the NYS Labor Law, also known as the NYS MOLD LAW which takes effect January 1, 2016.

The mold law will be enforced by the New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) and will impact all industries which involve any type of mold assessment and/or remediation.  Here are some key points in the law that you should be aware of:

  • If mold is observed or is suspected to be present due to an odor, only individuals licensed by the NYS DOL should be hired to perform a mold assessment and abatement.
  • The Mold Assessor and Mold Remediation Contractor must be separate entities (independent from each other).
  • Initial Mold Inspections are Mandatory – Prior to any mold abatement, a NYS DOL licensed Mold Assessor must perform an inspection to identify the locations of mold damage and prepare a “Remediation Plan” including: identification of sources of moisture (when possible) that may be causing the mold, locations of mold (locations), methods for abatement/area, personal protective equipment to be used, methods for notifying building occupants, estimated costs and time for completion.  The “remediation plan” shall also include the proposed clearance procedures and criteria for each type of remediation in each area.
  • Upon completion of the Mold Assessment a NYS DOL licensed Mold Remediation Contractor (overseeing the project- employed by the contractor) shall prepare a “Work Plan” based on the Mold Assessor’s Remediation Plan.  This “Work Plan” shall fulfill all of the requirements of the “remediation plan”, but shall include specific instructions and/or standard operating procedures.  This plan must be provided to the client before site preparation begins.  Signs must be posted at all accessible entrances to the mold remediation areas.
  • Only a NYS DOL licensed Mold Abatement Worker can be hired to perform Mold Abatement.
  • Post Remediation Inspections are Mandatory upon a Post Remediation Assessment (clearance) shall be performed by a licensed NYS DOL licensed Mold Assessor.  A Clearance Report shall be issued to the client upon the determination of successful remediation efforts.  If the Mold Assessor determines that the remediation was not successful, a Final Status Report shall be issued to the client.

H2M has obtained the necessary licensure to perform Mold Assessments in New York State in accordance with the NYS Mold Law: Article 32 of the NYS Labor Law. Our staff has a long history of working with the Insurance Industry and is ready to assist you immediately on your mold claims.

For more information , please contact Debra Mattina at (631) 756-8000 x1604 or dmattina@h2m.com or Travis Irving at x1605 or tirving@h2m.com.

Industry Insight: A Look At Legionella

With 12 reported deaths and over 100 illnesses, New York City’s recent Legionnaires’ disease outbreak has many building owners and operators wondering what they can do to prevent it. H2M’s own Paul Ponturo has offered up his expertise in handling legionella-related concerns to help answer some of the common questions you may have.

How did Legionnaires’ disease gets its name?

Legionnaires’ disease, also called legionellosis, was originally uncovered in an outbreak that occurred at a Bicentennial American Legion celebration in Philadelphia in 1976. Approximately 221 attendees fell ill and 34 died. Legionella bacteria was discovered in the lung tissue of a victim and in the cooling tower of the hotel hosting the convention.

What is Legionnaires’ disease?

It is a form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. Legionella are widespread in natural water, and also found and distributed in man-made environments. About 48 legionella species have been identified with approximately half associated with human disease. One species, L. pneumophilia, is the most common causative agent in human legionella infections, and is regarded to be the most virulent, accounting for approximately 90% of cases.

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10 Keys to Landing a Job at H2M

As a human resources professional, one of my major responsibilities is recruiting. I’m part of a team that reviews applications and resumes before we decide to bring someone in for an interview, making us the company’s first line of defense. Once a resume gets through the review process, we bring that candidate in for an interview. I’ve looked at more resumes than I can count and have had the pleasure of interviewing many interesting people.

Between resumes, applications and interviews, slip-ups are bound to happen. Below are some tips to help you correct some common (and not-so-common) job search and interviewing mistakes. Continue reading 10 Keys to Landing a Job at H2M

Putting Ourselves to Work With Habitat for Humanity of Nassau County

With the sun shining and nothing but blue skies in the forecast, our group of volunteers put themselves to work with Habitat for Humanity of Nassau County. The group worked on the the single-story home’s roof framing and sheathing.

Thanks to our everyone who took the time out of their weekend to volunteer for a great cause: Andrew Silverman, Andrew Manfredi, Mauricio Salas, Guy Page, John Koziatek, Brendan Grayson-Wallace, Saverio Belfiore, Jenny Mullholland, Dana Nally, Gary Loesch, Kelly Kuplicki, Gersain Calderon, Kevin Medler and Maggie Caberto.

Check out our photos from the day below!